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URL Manager Pro
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Version 3.4.4, Released October 13, 2005

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  Read the review in MacWorld, November 2004, pg. 67.


What's new in 3.4

These are the new features:

What's new in 3.4.4

  • Fixes compatibility issues with Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4)

  • Support for Camino 1.0a1

What's new in 3.4.2

  • Support for NetNewsWire: you can bookmark web pages

  • Support for Thunderbird and Opera Mail

  • Updated support of .Mac and iDisk

  • Fixed Get Info Window bug on Jaguar

What's fixed in 3.4.1

  • The text selection on a browser page is again put in the note field of the Add Bookmark Window.

Discussion of the new features


You can add a note (a piece of text) to a bookmark and now your note can be up to 64K bytes. The Get Info Window has been redesigned to accomodate the larger note size. There is an extra tab to display the note and the note field has a scroll bar. The Get Info Window is also resizable. The Add Bookmark Window has the same enhancements (large notes, separate tab and resizable). Requires: Mac OS X 10.3.


You can easily publish your bookmarks to your iDisk for use in your Home Page. There are also commands to copy your bookmark file to the Documents or Public folder of your iDisk. Use the menu command Publish from the File menu. Requires: Mac OS X 10.2.6 or later.

Create a folder

In the Add Bookmark Window, you can now create a folder. So, when you are adding a bookmark and discover you do not really have a folder in the hierarchy of the folder popup menu where you want to put it, you can create a new folder at that time.

Open in Tabs

Each bookmark menu now has an 'Open in Tabs' menu command. It is the last menu command in each submenu. Selecting it will open all bookmarks of the submenu in separate tabs in the front most browser window.

In URL Manager Pro, each folder now can have an 'Auto-Tab' attribute. You can set it in the Get Info Window. When the 'Auto-Tab' attribute of a folder is enabled, its related submenu will have a '-' in front of the name. This will mean that the submenu is selectable itself and its function will be to open all bookmarks in tabs.

File extensions

New URL Manager bookmark files you create, now have file extensions. In particular, you need to use file extensions when you move any of your files to iDisk, since otherwise iDisk won't recognize the type of files. Also, backup files will have a ~ tilde character to identify them. Previously, URL Manager Pro used the .bkup extension.

For example: a new bookmark file could have name 'My Bookmarks.urlm' and 'My Bookmarks~.urlm' would be its backup file. File extensions will be initially hidden by default. You will, for example, not see the file extension in the window name. You can change this in the Finder on a per-file basis using the Get Info command.


URL Manager Pro features a system-wide bookmark menu: the Bookmark Menu Extra (see below).

Bookmark Menu Extra
- The Bookmark Menu Extra -

With the Bookmark Menu Extra you have access to your bookmarks from within any application, including your web browser. The Bookmark Menu Extra is in the right part of your menu bar.

Using the Bookmark Menu Extra, you can add bookmarks, launch bookmarks, open bookmark files and switch between your bookmark files.

With URL Manager Pro you save your bookmarks in bookmark files that you create and have full control over. You can create and manage several bookmark files and have easy access to them via the Cabinet feature of URL Manager Pro (see the Tour).

I have a FAQ web page which can help you with some questions you might have. Please read it carefully. In particular, please note that your Cabinet and Startup Items folder should now be located in the Bookmarks folder in your Home directory.

URL Manager Pro 3.4 is a Mach-O application (Mac OS X native).

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher (i.e. Jaguar, Panther or Tiger).

Localized in: English, Japanese, German, French, Italian and Spanish.


The URL Manager Pro 3.4 costs $25 or €25. You can purchase URL Manager Pro via:

Upgrade Policy

This is a free upgrade for URL Manager Pro 3.x users. If you need to install URL Manager Pro anew, you can query a new valid registration key here.

The upgrade for version 2.x users to version 3.4 is $14.95 or €14.95.

Users who still run Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X 10.1, can keep using URL Manager Pro 3.1.1.

URL Manager Pro Upgrades can be purchased via:

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